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BrightSpots Display Forum

Welcome to the next installment of MCA's BrightSpotsSM series - the BrightSpots Display Forum:

Sponsored by SID in Collaboration with MCA Public Relations and Quixel Research

The Society for Information Display (SID)—the premier organization of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users in the field of electronic-information displays—hosted its 49th annual conference, Display Week 2011, on May 15-20, 2011 in Los Angeles, Calif.  This week-long event provides access to a wide range of display-related technologies and applications such as 3D, green technology, solid-state lighting, touch technology, and flexible displays.

This year’s SID press and analyst breakfast held during Display Week 2011—dubbed the MCA BrightSpotsSM Display Forum, “Bringing Vision to Fruition”—focused on the latest home entertainment topics such as Internet TV, 3D content and gaming, and the display technologies needed to support them.  Many challenges face the display industry in enabling these innovations, including cost, consumer demand and supporting infrastructure.  Yet the scope of these challenges can’t be sufficiently covered in a single panel event.

The media and public alike are encouraged to join the display industry in a new interactive forum to learn more about the latest challenges and solutions in bringing these new technologies into fruition and engage with like-minded display enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the conversation!


Tamaryn Pratt
Quixel Research, LLC
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Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV Association

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Chris Chinnock

Insight Media, and The 3D @ Home Consortium

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Carlson Choi

NAMCO BANDAI Games America, Inc.

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