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MCA’s goal is to bring technical forums to the industry at large in a format that promotes on-going discussions.  Our recent BrightSpots LED forum was, by all accounts, a huge success.  This accomplishment was due to the participation of our panelists, representing top-tier companies from the LED value chain, and our moderator, Tim Whitaker of LEDs Magazine.  Their online discussions delivered great insight and perspectives and promoted viewership from all over the globe.  On behalf of our entire agency, we thank you for your efforts and valuable contributions to the MCA BrightSpots LED Forum.

Marie Labrie

BrightSpots LED Forum is now Closed.

Many technological advances have the potential to improve the cost/performance ratio of high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB-LEDs).  But with limited resources, which options make the most economic sense and require the least amount of time to bring to fruition?  These and other issues critical to the success of HB-LED manufacturing were raised and discussed by industry experts at MCA’s BrightSpots LED Forum—a dynamic two-week-long online discussion that took place October 4-15.

Discussion on the BrightSpots LED Forum is now closed, but feel free to roam the site and see the exciting conversations that took place.




Tim Whitaker
LEDs Magazine

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David Bour
Applied Materials

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Doug Anberg

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Willem Sillevis Smitt
Philips Lumileds

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Thomas Uhrmann
EV Group

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Mentor Graphics
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