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I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of our panelists and Aaron Hand, our moderator, for their efforts and valuable contributions to the MCA BrightSpots Lithography Forum.  Our goal is to continue to bring more of these technical forums to the industry at large, but the success of such ventures hinges on the willingness of our industry leaders to participate.  Each and every one of our panelists is a recognized leader in their field.  By sharing their insights and experiences, it made for a truly successful event.  On behalf of our entire agency, we thank you for your time and willingness to participate.

Marie Labrie

BrightSpots Lithography Forum is now Closed

Overcoming the challenges to the future of semiconductor scaling and many other topics critical to the lithography community were raised and discussed by industry experts at MCA’s BrightSpots Lithography Forum—a dynamic two-week-long discussion merging the physical and online worlds that took place September 14-24.

Discussion on the BrightSpots Lithography Forum is now closed, but feel free to roam the site and see the exciting conversations that took place.  A summary of the discussion will be available on October 1.



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Oct. 15, 2013
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